Just Posts for a Just World: January 2010

Here’s my small effort to spread happiness into your world.

And here’s our monthly round-up for January!

The January Just Posts

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  • Send some love to Alejna, who is leading the Just Post charge here while I drown in Lombardi Gras goodness.



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    Just Posts for a Just World: December 2009


    A note about giving to Haiti…

    Many have asked my thoughts on donating to Haiti in the aftermath of yesterday’s terrible earthquake.  My preference is to give to smaller organizations.  In particular, I like to have contacts at the organization whom I trust.  In the Haiti example, we donated to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Deschapelles is located north of Port-au-Prince and is currently treating patients from the suburbs of the capital.  As now homeless residents of Port-au-Prince travel for medical care and shelter, I imagine that this community will grow in size and in medical need, beyond the injured they are currently treating.  I do have a professional relationship with the managing director, and have heard compelling stories of the programs and projects they undertake at this center.  The medical staff at the Hôpital is Haitian.  When you give, you give directly to this center, to this community, to these people, within this country.  For those reasons, I feel, based on my experience, that my donation will go the furthest.  It is my recommendation for giving.

    December 2009 Just Posts:

    Thank you for reading, nominating, and thinking about Just Posts!


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    Birthday, presents, and another year…

    ***** BIRTHDAY

    Did you catch that thing in the last post about the Epiphany celebrations in Ireland?  Where they honor today as “Women’s Christmas” and all the women party all day while the good gents take over all duties of home and family?  I completely and totally subscribe to that tradition as my Official Birthday Tradition from now on.  Paul willingly and thoughtful fulfilled all that he could to free me up today, but unfortunately work was not quite so forgiving.  Next year I’ll plan ahead.

    ***** PRESENTS

    Alejna and I are introducing THE BEST OF JUST POSTS 2009 — we (with other readers, hopefully you, too!) are looking for THE BEST Just Posts from last year.  Nominations for the year’s best posts are currently being accepted.  In roughly two weeks (stay tuned!) we will open up a space for online voting and give awards (presents! whee!) to the winner in each category.  (You’re perfectly welcome to start practicing your fabulous acceptance speech; you’ll find no judgment here.)

    You can view all the Just Posts from last year by going here and read more about the Just Posts here.

    Just Post entries are encouraged from anyone at anytime!


    I participated in Holidailies again this year and enjoyed the challenge.  My humble thanks go out to the two who host the event.  The community they create is warm and friendly; I’ve found other interesting and kind bloggers through the site.  They also chose a ‘best of’ that is selective enough to be manageable to read, which is a great way to find other interesting blogs (and thank you, mystery readers for my own additions to this list!)



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    Just Posts for a Just World: November 2009

    Alejna (Collecting Tokens) and I happily offer up Just Posts for a Just World for November 2009.

    If you work with an organization that is looking for help in a certain area, feel free to post some ideas in the comments for places we can do some just work.  In the spirit of the season, if you give to a group, help with the homeless, cook in a kitchen, contribute some cash… write about it and consider sending it on for December’s list.


    The November Just Posts:

    This month’s posts were submitted by:


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    Just Posts: October 2009


    Welcome to the October Just Posts!  This monthly roundtable features blog posts written on personal blogs on issues of social justice.  Alejna and I are host to the JPs and encourage anyone to participate by writing and nominating posts.  All participants are encouraged to use the Just Posts button on their own websites.

    Thank you to all this month’s participants!


    Be sure to send love to Alejna, who has a great history of making music in her JPs!



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    Better Late Than…? Just Posts: September 2009


    Welcome to the lastest Just Posts roundtable, the monthly list of blogger writing on topics of social justice and activism compiled and hosted by Alejna and me.

    It’s taken me 5 days to get this post up.  Does that say enough about life in Cold Spaghetti land?

    Some of the delay in posting is due to a conference presentation I gave over the weekend about health and infrastructure in New Orleans.  Using a lot of maps, charts, and pictures, I gave the context for Louisiana, one of the poorest, least developed, States in our United States.  (Enter joke.  Our State motto: “Thank goodness for Mississippi,” lest we be last on ALL measures.)  The level of vulnerability among those in the Gret Stet is extreme by any measure and when further defined by race, becomes unthinkable.  But as far as we are down the hierarchy of outcomes, we are not so different than the rest of the country and indeed, not so different than the rest of the world.  The images of inequality and despair burned into our minds after Katrina are not indicative of New Orleans.  Those memories do not define or create a distinction for the rest of the country to use to separate themselves from our reality.  Every place is just waiting for that moment when it all falls apart, when our inequalities, vulnerabilities, and differences can no longer be invisible.

    And now, the all important list: The September Just Posts.

    The posts of this month’s roundtable were submitted by:

    Thanks so much for reading! We really appreciate your support. And not just appreciate it. We need your support to keep the Just Posts going. Please drop by Alejna’s to see what she has to say this month. If you have a post in the list above, or would just like to support the Just Posts, we invite you to display a button on your blog with a link back here, or to the Just Posts at Collecting Tokens. If you are unfamiliar with the Just Posts, please visit the information page. buttonsept2009-120px

    Recovery and Rebirth

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    Just Posts: August 2009

    I have a confession.

    I used to be very angry.  And the more I learned, the more I found out about how sick and twisted and unfair and awful the world can be, the angrier I got.  It felt a little like Sophie, who gets so very angry that she explodes like a volcano and runs and runs and runs.  Eventually, I realized that all that anger and exploding and running wasn’t really doing me or anyone else any good.  That no matter how angry and active and upset, the world was still sick and twisted and unfair and awful.

    Sophie cries to let it all out.  I become cynical and apathetic.

    How can I find a middle-ground with someone who refuses to let the President of the United States, a position that should be respected regardless of your political stance, address their child in a pubic space?  Where I can start to educate an individual who enjoys their Medicare coverage on the fact that their insurance is a government plan?  And if those ridiculous conversations cannot be fixed by reason and rational thought, then what future do we have?

    I’d get mad, but I don’t think it’s going to help anything.

    Is it to cliche to say I’m glad to read regular folks who write about these issues (and more)?  So thank you for the reading, for bringing these posts to my attention, and for suggesting them for this space.  Thank you.

    August 2009 Just Posts…

    Girl Griot at If You Want Kin… with: Choking on a Wishbone; Oh I See, Profiling is Colorblind; and What’s Good for the Goose

    Kitty at The Show Must Go On with: Fallen into a hospital and can’t get out

    Barbara at An American in Lima with: Government extends State of Emergency; more children to die

    Holly at Cold Spaghetti with: Superheros; Thoughts on Rising Tide 4; and Why does New Orleans have different moral rules of conduct?

    Painted Maypole at The Painted Maypole with: What Jesus would do and 4-years ago today Katrina made landfall

    Laura at Our Feet are the Same with: B is for Backpack

    Julie at Using my Words with: Why Playing the Whore Card in reference to Mommybloggers is not so cool

    Catherine at Their Bad Mother with: Baby Got Boob

    Margaret at Mostly in the Afternoon with: Youth in Asia

    Elizabeth at A Moon, as if it had been worn by a shell with: Thursday Rant

    Ilina at Dirt and Noise with: Marriott is a Disgrace

    Angela at The Many Hats with: How dare you take your vagina out in public!

    Jen at One Plus Two with: Culture Clash

    Magpie at Magpie Musings with: You want to know how much a colonoscopy costs?

    Chani with Finding my way back home with: War on Women

    Fireweaver at Laboratory Tested with: Foolishness is Free

    Contributors to this month’s roundtable:
    Painted Maypole


    (Note: please forgive formatting and font issues here… the latest WordPress upgrade destroyed something important and I haven’t had a chance to track it down.)


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    July Just Posts for a Just World

    A note from alejna, co-host of the Just Posts: As Holly is off travelling, without predictable access to the internet, she’s asked me to put up her JP intro. Here’s what she sent while she was still stuck in the airport a couple of days ago.

    Maybe it’s the fact that the past 24 hours have been spent in Orlando, lost among endless strip malls and cookie-cutter stucco Florida houses baking under the hot sun. Maybe it’s the fact that our flight is now yet another hour late, putting the total delay to 4 hours and meaning that our first day in Scotland is going to be a mess of driving in order to get to our night’s destination. Or maybe it’s the awful way we left New Orleans on Friday afternoon, having endured yet another rude service experience with employees who cannot be bothered to perform on the clock.

    Oh, and then there’s this guy. Likely the only other American (aside from Paul and me) to be on the flight to Glasgow that is currently so very delayed. A self-important, pompous windbag who thinks the epitome of American film is The Deer Hunter.

    For whatever the reason, our consumptive, crazy, sprawling world is weighing on me lately.

    No, actually, maybe it’s just this dude. He is now square dancing with his pre-teen daughter, has referred to his too-cool-for-school son as “bro” twice in a single sentence, and is throwing around awfully pronounced Spanglish in flashy volleys. (We’d clear away but we’re capitalizing on an outlet for juice before reaching a foriegn island whose plugs require additional equipment for use.) Oye. THIS is what the UK gets as an American tourist? No wonder the VAT tax is so darn high for foreigners. I’d want to keep us out, too.

    While Paul and I practice saying “eh?” after every sentence (is will make people think we’re Canadian, eh?) please enjoy this month’s Just Posts. Alejna is likely to have some delightful musical accompaniment for the reading and deserves a big thanks this month for finishing up the formats on this month’s list while I’m off to ponder race, nationality, environment, and social justice whilst seeing a friend get married in a Scottish castle.

    Cheers to all for another roundtable and drinks ’round for all in hopes of another!

    The July Just Posts:

    The posts of this month’s roundtable were nominated by:


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    Calling all socially-minded readers and writers…

    It’s that time again!

    Alejna and I are seeking nominations for Just Posts for a Just World for the month of July. What did you read this month that made you think, blew your mind, or tugged your heart into a broader perspective? We’re looking for thoughtful posts made by people who write personal blogs. For more information, see the Just Posts page.

    We welcome nominations from EVERYONE and hope you’ll contribute to our roundtable!


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    June Just Posts for a Just World

    June has been a difficult month, with posts that reflect this with writing on the thoughts and life changes that come with civil unrest, national conflict, and personal loss. Two countries which we have deep personal connections, Honduras and Peru, have been immersed in violent clashes. I’m still not sure where I stand with the Honduran coup d’etat… I’m not even sure if I feel right calling it a coup. I do hope that the International community keep Honduras in it’s sights no matter how the situation continues to unfold: it is a country of beautiful, open, forgiving people, 70% of whom live in poverty. Any sanctions or separation imposed on the country due to its political situation will ultimately work to the detriment of the nation’s most vulnerable. The Big Picture, the fantastic photography site hosted at Boston.com, posted a collection of photographs of the protests.

    Peru also has experienced civil unrest. For years, indigenous peoples have lived in remote areas of the Amazon rain forest with protection from development. But the country wants to use it’s natural resources, particularly it’s forests and oil reserves, to comply with agreements the government made in the US-Peruvian free trade agreement. Violence erupted at roadblocks where people gathered to protect their land from entering developers. You can read more about the conflict at Life in Peru, particularly this post.

    Also, as was pointed out by another Peruvian blogger, Peru also lost one of it’s musical legends, Alicia Delgado, who was unexpectedly murdered (a true-to-life telenovela type story). In honor of Alicia (and with appropriate homage to Alejna’s musical JPs) here is Ms. Delgado:

    Below are the June Just Posts. Thank you thank you thank you.

    This month’s readers:

    Be sure to head over to Alejna’s for more Just Post love and musical thought!


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