Just Posts

Just Posts for a Just World are monthly round tables of blog posts written on personal blogs that, in words of one of the founders, “speak to the same thing – the lifting up of our planet and all that inhabit it.”

Jen at One Plus Two and Mad at MadHatterMommy began the Just Posts in December 2006. Along the way, a few others joined in the administration of the monthly posts: Sue at Creative.Mother.Thinking and Hel at Truth Cycles. In January 2009, they made their last roundtable.  With the support of all those above, Alejna at Collecting Tokens and me, Holly at Cold Spaghetti, have begun the administration of Just Posts.

Just Posts Roundtable Submission Guidelines:

— A blog post written on a personal blog.

— Posts must be published during the previous month.

— Posts which reflect or inform others on social justice issues (broadly defined) and can include health, wellness, global affairs, poverty, literacy, environment, equality, violence, empowerment, and more…

— Posts may be from blogs anywhere in the world.

Roundtable Logistics:

— Participants are encouraged to post the monthly Just Posts button to their websites.

— Both nominators and writers are linked and thanked for participating.

— Just Posts are published the second Tuesday of each month.

— Submissions are requested by the preceding Saturday, but may be sent anytime.

Please email Just Post Submissions to us at justpostsroundtable at gmail dot com.  Or, you may contact us directly: Holly at (coldspaghetti at gmail dot com) or Alejna (alejna99 at gmail dot com).

We are working on a full list of all Just Posts to publish here.

Thank you for helping us learn more about our world and how we can make positive change within it!

(Photo by Paul, taken in the Yoro District of Honduras, summer 2003.)