July Just Posts for a Just World

A note from alejna, co-host of the Just Posts: As Holly is off travelling, without predictable access to the internet, she’s asked me to put up her JP intro. Here’s what she sent while she was still stuck in the airport a couple of days ago.

Maybe it’s the fact that the past 24 hours have been spent in Orlando, lost among endless strip malls and cookie-cutter stucco Florida houses baking under the hot sun. Maybe it’s the fact that our flight is now yet another hour late, putting the total delay to 4 hours and meaning that our first day in Scotland is going to be a mess of driving in order to get to our night’s destination. Or maybe it’s the awful way we left New Orleans on Friday afternoon, having endured yet another rude service experience with employees who cannot be bothered to perform on the clock.

Oh, and then there’s this guy. Likely the only other American (aside from Paul and me) to be on the flight to Glasgow that is currently so very delayed. A self-important, pompous windbag who thinks the epitome of American film is The Deer Hunter.

For whatever the reason, our consumptive, crazy, sprawling world is weighing on me lately.

No, actually, maybe it’s just this dude. He is now square dancing with his pre-teen daughter, has referred to his too-cool-for-school son as “bro” twice in a single sentence, and is throwing around awfully pronounced Spanglish in flashy volleys. (We’d clear away but we’re capitalizing on an outlet for juice before reaching a foriegn island whose plugs require additional equipment for use.) Oye. THIS is what the UK gets as an American tourist? No wonder the VAT tax is so darn high for foreigners. I’d want to keep us out, too.

While Paul and I practice saying “eh?” after every sentence (is will make people think we’re Canadian, eh?) please enjoy this month’s Just Posts. Alejna is likely to have some delightful musical accompaniment for the reading and deserves a big thanks this month for finishing up the formats on this month’s list while I’m off to ponder race, nationality, environment, and social justice whilst seeing a friend get married in a Scottish castle.

Cheers to all for another roundtable and drinks ’round for all in hopes of another!

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