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  1. La Divina — Channel 26
    Here is the commercial airing on Channel 26 with the photography I did for our friends at La Divina… complete with pictures of the kids enjoying seriously delicious panini and gelato!
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  2. La Divina
    Pictures from La Divina Gelateria. For their coming commerical! La Divina is the only place in the State that makes all their products completely from scratch — from milk solids. Some of the flavors below include: Abita Turbo Dog, Cinnamon, Aztec Chocolate, Hazelnut, Strawberry Creole Cream Cheese, and Sweet Cream.
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  3. La Coupa-ina a La Divina
    You’ve heard us wax on about La Divina Gelateria, Magazine Street’s newest home of culinary delights. We’re not kidding about the awesome-ness of this place… Alton Brown is even featuring them in his traveling road show (airing August 4th)! Our friends Katrina and Carmello (the minds behind La Divina’s creamy recipes) are trying to spread […]
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  4. Gelato Squisito a La Divina
    After our flat tire Thursday night, we went to dinner at Mona’s around the corner (too late to cook) and were so impressed with how well Will ate grilled vegetables and chicken with basmati rice and feta (and drank our Lebanese tea) that we agreed to his suggestion of visiting La Divina.I had the camera […]
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  5. Jazz Fest 2010, First weekend Friday
    New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2010 started today — Paul and I arrived early where I joined other workers in the volunteer entrance and Paul entered with the crowd.  In between running to supply me and my fellow gelato volunteers with Jazz Fest food favorites (cochon du lait po’ boy, rosemint tea, alligator pie, […]
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  6. The Fest. No, not that one. Right, THAT one.
    Though I posted pictures of Panorama’s French Quarter Fest performance weekend before last (not to be confused with New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival which started this past Friday) — I didn’t post anything about the Fest in general. And French Quarter Fest is too good to be passed up. We missed the first few […]
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  7. Bellies, Poles, and Po’Boys
    Paul’s buddy, Dave, was in town late last week for a conference and brought down his awesome wife, Shelley, for their First Ever Time Away from the kids. We met them for lunch at Bayona on Friday, before giving them a tour of the city and stern lecture on “The Real New Orleans” — which […]
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  8. None of them start “It was a dark and stormy night”
    2008, the bloggy recap, as described by the first sentences from first posts from each month. January: I was too chicken to climb on the roof, wondering why they weren’t using the extension ladder and feeling incredibly impressed that Paul and David were climbing to the top of the A-frame and hoisting themselves up on […]
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  9. Mmm, mmm, good!
    Last weekend was characteristically busy. Earlier in the week, I took some pictures for our friends at La Divina, to be used in a commercial they are making to air on Channel 26. Friday night, we joined up to take pictures of the kids enjoying panini and gelato. I ate the one below. It was […]
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  10. What’s IN this season? Under 5 Art!
    Self-portraits, decorated wrapping and tissue paper, earrings, paintings, votives, cards, and more graced La Divina on Saturday night. Will’s self portrait is in the middle of the top row, above. When Will told us about making his self portrait (the kids had a full discussion and study of the shapes and colors of their faces […]
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