What’s IN this season? Under 5 Art!

Self-portraits, decorated wrapping and tissue paper, earrings, paintings, votives, cards, and more graced La Divina on Saturday night. Will’s self portrait is in the middle of the top row, above. When Will told us about making his self portrait (the kids had a full discussion and study of the shapes and colors of their faces before making the pieces) he told us that he has a very LONG head. With each display were detailed documentation about the kids’ process in making each piece.

You can see some the documentation below. (Although the class picture in the center was taken by me in front of the Nix Library a month or so ago.) Will made about 10 pairs of earrings! I bought 5. I thought Will would be thrilled with me wearing his creations… but NO! He keeps telling me that I can’t wear them because he made them “to raise money to buy animals for people who don’t have food.” When I explain that *I* bought them and gave money for them to buy the animals, he gives me a knowing look and says, “no you didn’t.” I wonder if he’ll accept the cleared check as evidence?
We had a great time at the event. We were lucky that Sydney, our old neighbor (whose beautiful Bat Mitzvah we attended two weeks ago) called and asked if she could come over Saturday. So Sydney came along, which meant Paul and I had a break from constant Kate-wrangling. I don’t think I would have been able to take pictures (or enjoy a gelato) had Sydney not been there!

These little paintings were awesome. Will had one called “dark” that our friend, adopted little sister, and Abeona curly-haired sub, Michelle took home.
I loved the cards!
Meanwhile, outside, the kids played. Ana decided she liked the lion outside of the sushi place next to La Divina. She sat on this perch, waving to people (“bye, have a nice night”) as they passed.
Kids, patrons, parents, and more… can you spot Will and Kate?

Will joined Ana on the lion. I heard her whispering to him, “Will, we can stay here forever. We can watch all the people walk by. We can eat all the ice cream we want…” Sounded pretty good to me. Enticed by her offer, or maybe just happy to get away from some of the excitement, Will stayed there for awhile. (Long enough for Emmy and I to giggle at the two of them deep in serious conversation.) Then, when her (totally awesome) boots slipped off, Will jumped down and put them back on her feet. (I was too hit by cuteness overload to negotiate the camera properly and missed the moment.)

Although the kids haven’t decided what animals they are going to purchase yet with their donation, they DID reach their goal… they earned enough to buy a cow!!