Gelato Squisito a La Divina

After our flat tire Thursday night, we went to dinner at Mona’s around the corner (too late to cook) and were so impressed with how well Will ate grilled vegetables and chicken with basmati rice and feta (and drank our Lebanese tea) that we agreed to his suggestion of visiting La Divina.
I had the camera with me and decided to practice night-time shots and after getting an okay from the staff working the store, had fun taking artsy-fartsy pictures of cones, panini, and gelato. Paul’s pink hair made it a little extra fun. (Can you spot him in the picture above?)I was happily snapping away when a man approached and asked if I was planning on opening a gelateria. Paul and I laughed and explained how we knew the family and the man introduced himself as their web designer, Gary Reggio. We had a great time talking to him and he asked me to take pictures of a variety of things for the website. It was FUN. What (if anything) gets used remains to be seen, but I would love the opportunity to re-shoot in daylight. Another New Orleans moment.