Listen for the silent R.

Earlier this month, Paul took off to rural New Hampshire, where in between driving firetrucks, playing with water hoses, setting up fireworks, eating flavorful grilled meat, teaching people to juggle, and riding motorcycles through the countryside, he learned all sorts of intimate knowledge about Massachusetts folk from the locals.  For example, he learned that most New Hampshire restaurants and services have two price points, a high-price printed one for those from out-of-town (read: those who have weekend homes in NH but live elsewhere) and one for locals.  While setting up the fireworks display, he had several run-ins with folks in expensive cars irritated that they couldn’t park within the out-of-bounds safety zone mandated for a community fireworks display.  When he noticed that both of the incidents involved cars with Massachusetts license plates, his friend responded, “Yup.  That’s why we call ’em Massholes.”

Awesome.  With a name like that, who wouldn’t want to go hang out with ’em?  Which is exactly what we are thrilled to be doing in October.

We’ve got a little over 3 days in Boston and have no idea what to do.  I was 5 when we moved from Billerica (a NW suburb) and only have vague memories of the library, gardens, and swan boats.  Actually, besides the day when my brother rode his Hot Wheels through the woods and into a 4-lane highway,  my best memory of Billerica is bringing our trash to the dump.  I feel that this does not necessarily reflect the character of the community but more likely speaks volumes of me.

We arrive at 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon, have Thursday evening and most of the day Friday to sight-see.  We may have a work-related meeting for Paul sometime Friday and need to check into the hotel for a 7pm cocktail hour that night.  The conference is all day Saturday.  We have all of Sunday to roam once more before flying out at 8am Monday morning.

We’d love to stay somewhere interesting/historic/romantic/notable on Thursday night, preferably reasonable walking distance from a great restaurant for dinner on Thursday and/or sights to see first thing Friday morning.  We’ll probably stay at the conference hotel Friday-Sunday, just because we leave so early Monday morning.

Suggestions for sights, itineraries, good finds, neat photo ops, and unique restaurants are very appreciated!