Them bones, them bones, them hair bones.

Yesterday, Will asked me if we have bones in our heads.  “Yes,” I told him truthfully.

“I think your head bone is broken.  I isn’t holding your hair anymore.  Maybe it’s a problem with the HAIR BONE.”  He said the last two words in all caps, clearly enunciating so that I would be sure to notice him specifically mention a particular bone, showing off his vast knowledge of the human body.  See Mommy?  I may only be 4, but I know allll about hair bones.

“You know, Will, I think that you could be very right.”

So while my hair bone is broken, the rest of my brain seems to be doing alright.  I’ve been asked to appear on a local television access channel to talk about the Schweitzer Fellowship and, I suppose, my fellowship-related work stemming from the past few years of work in the Latino community.  I have another scheduled interview tonight for my dissertation research.  This afternoon, a note appeared congratulating me for selection of a travel award to cover expenses to come to the National Schweitzer Fellows for Life Conference in Boston, and, would I mind moderating a breakout session?  All of these things are really helping me pull out of the haze and remember all the work there is to be done.

So is it so wrong to wish for a week at the beach?  Maybe I have romanticized what a week at the beach with your family is really like — but having never had the experience, I am longing to try.  This is why, in the middle of Paul negotiating new job(s), the kids popping in and out of school with different summer breaks, us preparing for a busy fall with huge travel, weddings 1000+ miles away that I am officiating and photographing, family surprises, fellowship obligations, school events, and a billion other things that don’t yet even include that darn dissertation I’m trying to finish…. I am carelessly dreaming of a week at the beach.

I blame the book.  I read a novel, the first in more time than I can remember (I’ve turned into a nonfiction reader), and although it is not on my short list of favorite books of all time, it was well-written and fun and now I just want to curl up and read and let my head escape to somewhere else.

Adding to “to do” list: find evidence that spending a week at the beach repairs broken hair bones.