If only a Band-Aid would work…

Health update: it’s not my thyroid.  I paid out of pocket for the blood test and all as fine, normal, within ranges, and not consistent with any pattern of hypo- or hyper-thyroidism.

I obtained the results from the blood test done about 3 weeks ago for our life insurance plan: everything was normal.  No anemia.  No anything.  Not even borderline on anything.  Perfectly healthy.

Next step, based on sage wisdom from a brilliant MD who graciously helped with advice and orders, involves more detailed endocrine system tests… within the oversight of a local doctor.  And so, we’re back to waiting on insurance.

We pressed our insurance agent for help and he delivered… although the final answer is that Blue Cross insists on the original forms sent through the mail from our providers.  All the forms were delivered last week (where, of course, several physicians were on vacation) and so we wait.  We were smart enough to request that the forms be faxed to us before they are mailed so that we can have a record, but so far only one form has arrived.  In other words, we may be waiting awhile.

In the meantime, my hair continues to shed.

And a new dilemma: I’m afraid to have those touch-up highlights I need before going on camera!  I’ve come to terms with ‘the camera adds 10 pounds’ but cannot handle ashy-blonde roots!  But how much hair will I rish loosing in the process??