It’s one way to deal with midlife crisis.

Step One: Bleach Hair.
Scare neighbors.
Make calls. See who can guess your hair color.
Step Two: Decide to make it more interesting. (We couldn’t find green and settled for pink because I liked it.)
(Extra bonus: your wife decides to show support by tinting hair, too.*)
Scare neighbors again.
Attend Board Meeting for kids’ school.
Visit with lots of friends and neighbors. Go to the store for wife.
Just to make sure enough people have noticed, arrange to have a flat tire away from home.
Have you ever seen a man with pink hair changing a tire?
Then go out to dinner and gelato. That’s a lot of hair to loose tomorrow!
* I used “light red” henna. Rinsed way too soon out of concern for us being late for the Board meeting. No real red look… unless you have really good eyes and know what to look for…