A Carrot and a Stick

A STICK to the New Orleans’ Waste Management division/Office of the Mayor for the RIDICULOUS trash system we now have. We have all been issued HUGE trash cans that are suppose to facilitate automatic lifting. Has the person who made that decision ever been to New Orleans? Seen pictures? Even thought about what a 100-year old neighborhood might look like?
Show me a New Orleans neighborhood where every home can get a GIGANTIC trash bin into a side alley or back yard and has the street space for 5 foot of clearance on either side for trash day — show me this and I’ll show you monkeys flying out of my butt. Seriously, people! As if! The result: trash cans on the sidewalks and in front of people’s homes. Oh, and if that unsecured trash can gets lost — it’s a $75 fee to the homeowner. STICK STICK STICK!

And a BIG FAT CARROT to me for forgoing the antibiotic for Kate’s last ear infection! She had a stellar check-up today — two healthy, good-looking ears! Hooray for wait-and-see and hooray for me for having the gall to do it! CARROT!