….Late Breaking News!…

Email from Emmy, Abeona’s Director…

Dear parents,
This is breaking news!
Our board president has just offered to SHAVE HIS HEAD for the St. Baldricks event if we can raise $500 in donations for cancer research. Paul has officially signed up for the shaving on Friday. I know this is short notice, but spontaneity happens!
If you would like to donate and support the cause, and this fun event, you can make a donation at school, or via Paul’s link in the website: http://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/shavee_info.html?ShaveeID=14087. In fact, check this out just to see Paul’s son, Will, giving his locks a longing look before the deed is done. The site is really inspiring, and shows how much fun these events can be.
Any other brave dads out there who want to represent Abeona House are encouraged to sign up! We have such great parents, and such a good sport for a board prez. This is certainly not in his job description.
Yay, Paul!

The St. Baldricks shaving event is being held on Oak Street, just down the street from Abeona (at the salon where I get my hair cut) and is including local celebrity muse Chris Rose as one of the shave-ees. The Abeona krewe is walking over for the party.

The plan is to dye his ‘do tomorrow in preparation for Friday’s big event. I have NO experience with at home hair dye (I put the color on Grandma Betty’s hair for years, but she did all the mixing!) so who knows how it will turn out. Keep posted!

Check out the site! Paul is threatening to only shave half his head if he can’t raise the full amount, so please, make a donation!