On the way back from the photo shoot Saturday morning, Will announced in the car: “Daddy, we go to store to get treats for Mommy and Will?” It came unprompted, as much a surprise to me as to Paul. But hey, who’s to argue? So Paul and Will walked up to Whole Foods while I put together lunch — and brought back Daddy’s favorite, chocolate covered pretzels. Will models them in the picture below:We were going to go to Brocato’s reopening Saturday afternoon. But we forgot. So we decided to go after dinner. And then saw the line snaking down the street. So we went to the Creole Creamery instead. We passed up some of the Creamery’s more memorable flavors (e.g. Cayenne Lime Butter, Cucumber Dill, Lavender Honey, Beet Generation, Creole Cream Cheese). After watching part of the process of making cookie ice cream through the viewing window, we were inspired. For $4.75, we enjoyed the Cookie Crumbles Sundae with cookie monster ice cream, cookies, and sundae topping. The guys were kind enough to let me have the cherry.