Audubon Zoo added a pair of lovebirds to it’s exhibits on Sunday. Will and Aya.
The pair had a great Sunday morning at the Zoo. They were joined by friends Pablo and Emma, who they were great with, but there was no mistaking that Will and Aya are The Item.We managed to arrive at the Zoo about 15 minutes before a huge downpour. The adults (and Kate) avoided getting majorly soaked by hanging out by the Carousel. The kids for the most part stayed dry… if you don’t count all the huge splashing in puddles left by the rain.
Will and Aya heard the storm coming… they are listening to the thunder in the picture above.Always the gentle giants, the giraffes were our favorites this trip. They seemed particularly interested in the kids (maybe they’ve learned that kids sometimes have food?) and stayed close by, calming munching away on leaves.Although I think the kids liked the giraffes, they really liked climbing up the fences in front of the animals. More pictures from the Zoo (including many more super cute Will-and-Aya moments) are in the Shutterfly page.