They’re ready, Mr. Deville

Last night, we enjoyed dinner out with friends Natalie and Robert (and 14 month old cutie pie Amelia, owner of the world’s most astounding crystal blue eyes.) This morning, we followed up our social schedule by meeting them again at Robert’s parents’ house — an incredible stucco home off of St. Charles not far from Tulane’s main campus. Natalie is a professional photographer, specializing in children. She kindly gave me some great pointers and together we shot some pictures of the kids in the family garden. Will was a ham. A total ham. By the time we got through a little lesson and began to try to shoot the kids together, he was about done with sitting still. So we didn’t get a huge amount of the kids together. Natalie is going to burn the keepers from her set. I can’t wait to see them… she used some filters and had a wonderful flash set up (I learned a ton).
These are just a few… the rest are on the Shutterfly page.