Slugs SUCK.

A month or so ago, I planted around a million plants.  The frost, the house renovation, and our limited budget had meant empty beds for awhile… so we carved off some cash and I spent a few afternoons planting.  It was really growing in and starting to look good.

Then the petunias started looking not so good.  Holes.  And sticky leaves.  Like this.

I went out last night on the way to Treme.  A quick flashlight revealed what we’d suspected.


I ran back inside and set up Abita bait.  Too good of a beer for these bastards, but hey, it was what we had on hand.

The cat lives up the street and is my frequent garden companion.  He was out when I set out the beer traps and around this morning when I tallied results.  I counted to roughly 110 slugs.

And still, there are more.

I set up more traps tonight, though I’m not sure how long to keep this up.  I also put down coffee grounds (Paul will bring home more from our neighborhood coffee shop tomorrow morning).

Anyone else have experience with getting rid of slugs?  What else can I do?  How long do I put out bait?  And is it cruel to sprinkle them with salt?  I can’t bring myself to do it, even after just going out there and seeing several big fat ones on the Petunias.  Gross.