Health Saga Update, or, advice for those thinking of starting a company and getting health insurance independently

Our saga of trying to find a family insurance plan continues. And has worsened.

In trying to find a silver lining to it, this occurred to me. Remember back when Will was born, when I was pumping 6-8 hours a day, crying every single day, sometimes several times a day, sometimes so hard and desperately that Paul thought I had found the baby dead in his crib, and believing that my newborn baby hated me so much so that I didn’t want to hold him sometimes … remember all that? Well, THANK GOODNESS no one (let alone me, the social worker) had enough insight to consider whether or not I should have talked to someone about post-partum depression! Yes, I may feel guilt for the rest of my life that I didn’t put it all together in my head and missed all that wonderful bonding time that can never be replaced with my first born, but hey, at least THAT isn’t on my medical record!

The lesson: unless you are physically bleeding or turning blue, don’t ask for help! You may live on to become successful enough to start your own company — and then you’ll regret it!

My hair loss has tapered off. I didn’t want to say anything and jinx it, but in fact, it seems to be almost back to normal. It’s happened over the past week. I’ve still got one heck of a lot less hair, but at least I won’t be celebrating Christmas with a bald head. Two weeks ago, I started taking a multi-vitamin because I started to wonder if I was experiencing a deficiency (it dawned on me that if I saw a woman with hair loss in my work, I’d think ‘zinc’). So, maybe it was zinc?

I don’t want to work in health anymore. Too damn disheartening. Too darn ridiculous.