Lover Boy

Will is now done with summer camp.  Here are some pictures from his next-to-last performance.  (The one 3 weeks ago.)  The song was about a clown’s face… that’s about a close as I got to understanding it.

Will poses in his clown outfit… complete with covers on his shoes.  The teachers really went all out.

Will watches the bigger kids perform.  This was exciting because the bigger kids included….

Aya.  Will’s first buddy.  The ying to his yang.  The child who, when eating cake and ice cream together, without a word of agreement or planning, swap plates seamlessly so that they both get seconds of the one they like best (Will eats the ice cream, Aya eats the cake).  She was in another class and they saw each other during pick-up and drop-offs during the 2-week camp session.  There was one morning when Will saw Aya ahead of him walking into school.  “Mommy,” he said, “there’s Aya!”  “Will, go run up and say hi,” I encouraged him.  “I can’t Mommy… she’s TOO FAR AWAY.”  He said that last bit with so much heartache that I called out to Aya and the two of them started this back and forth (one would turn away and walk in the other direction at the same time the other was calling and reaching for them — and then they’d switch).  I’m pretty sure I heard “Love Story” playing in the background.

In any case, Aya had her performance and Will wanted to talk to her.  I asked him later what he was whispering into her ear.  “I was asking Aya if wanted to get a hamburger with me,” he said.

But it wasn’t meant to be.  Aya had to leave on a family trip the next day. Will seems to have recovered.  Yesterday, he proposed marriage to his buddy, Ana, when they were walking out of Abeona House together.  Then, when we arrived back at the house, he burst inside the quiet room and announced to Paul, “Daddy.  Ana and I are going to get married when we get older and then I am going to gooch her on the bottom.  And there is a tornado coming!”

Without missing a beat, Paul answered: “Yeah, I bet there would be a tornado if you gooched Ana.”