Foaming at the walls

Coordination and handling supply, delivery, and storage are our current nightmares.
– Still must finish plumbing and electrical before drywall.
– Found drywaller (phew!)
– Ordered drywall and supplies this morning
– Need to rent scaffolding
– Drywall delivered Tuesday, will take about a week
– What about having a light in the back yard from the house? Yikes!?
– Hopefully, can have bathroom drywall done a little bit earlier to start laying down the board to start tile work
– Tile design/layout finished and calculated
– Tile ordered; a few decoratives remain… hope Derby‘s have ’em in stock
– Need to decide on flooring for porch/study… laminate? unfinished wood? ???
– Paint selected for new rooms, but considering most of the house hasn’t been painted from when we moved in, we’re not holding our breath. But since we have to paint the drywall, we figured it made sense to try for the gold
– Vanity/cabinets arriving soon
– Floor tiles arriving soon
– Plumbing fixtures, sinks, faucets arriving soon
– Where are we going to put all this?
– Need to select commode
– Need to cut out hole in tub deck for the tub… then finish the plumbing
– Rest of the hardie siding? That can wait until June.