Almost time for Elmo Underwear

It’s a red-letter day in our house… Kate asked to sit on the potty AND THEN USED IT FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. It’s tough to appreciate the momentousness of this occasion if you don’t yourself have children, and I was trying to think of something that would compare. The joy of a teenage boy who just got to first base for the first time…? The relief of a parent who has just paid their last college tuition check for their child…? No, it’s more like being covered in a sea of poop and for years and suddenly being lifted out into the sunshine. You are filled with an unbelievable feeling of what the clean world could be like and long for each moment to be so lovely…

We actually think this potty training thing could happen soon. Kate: thank you for being an early talker. In this situation, we REALLY appreciate your tenacity at growing up.
Extra fun: NANA (Paul’s Mom) arrived today and was able to share in Kate’s big day!