We rejoice our future: a closet big enough for a clothes hanger.

One of the reasons I cleared the kids out of the house for the weekend was the messiness of sawing through a huge section of lathe right into our bedroom. Our bedroom closet is the largest in the house in terms of width, but not deep enough to hang a standard clothing hanger. With the difficulty of the room in terms of size and wall use, we came up with the plan to have the closet open from the bathroom side. So, I emptied the closet last week (our clothes now hang in the front room on a rack Paul fashioned out of leftover wood) and Paul sawed into the closet from the back. Here is the closet with framing, with the back just started to be sawed out:
This next picture shows the finished opening from the bathroom. Notice the IMPRESSIVE header holding the load! The sunlight makes it hard to see the beams, but it is pretty cool. We gain a few more inches this way and made the opening much wider, giving just a little more storage. The plywood is temporary — just to keep the debris level down in the rest of the house until it’s drywalled. (Hopefully, end of this week, start of next week??) If anyone knows a good drywaller… we’d love the number! We started with three good potentials and are now down to one who hasn’t returned our phone calls in several days.