Let’s go see the stars!

I saw this meme on Charlotte’s blog and it made my night. I had to keep the entertainment high and continue it here.

The Rules:
Post a quotation from 15 of your favorite movies. (Use IMDB if you need a little help.)
Fill in the film title when it’s guessed (guessers leave your answers in the comments) or when it’s evident no one can guess it.
No cheating with Google, etc!

1. “I always think there’s a band, kid.
What movie would you chose if there were only one movie you could have to watch for the rest of your life? For me, it’s The Music Man. The line above is toward the end, when Harold Hill has been discovered, and admits that his passion for The Band is real… even if the actual teaching and use of the instruments is not. Picking a scene from this movie as a favorite is like choosing between children. But the universality of ‘Ya Got Trouble,’ drumming up suspicion out of air over nothing, wins out:

2. “Lick it up, baby. Lick it up.
Eli, you made my day! Mean girls couldn’t touch Heathers. Here’s a clip with another of my favorite lines… because I wasn’t able to easily find the party scene above:

3. “Fasten your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy night.”
One of Bette Davis’ most famous screen lines, as Margo Channing in All About Eve. (If it weren’t for “What a dump!” from Beyond the Forest, I’d say it was her most famous.) Guessed correctly by Melanie and Charlotte! (Can you believe that Paul has never seen this movie?) Here is the clip:

4. “We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice.”
Yes, Eli! A Christmas Story! My family has quoted this movie over and over for nearly 20 years; and we refer to the opening of presents as, “are you ready to start the unbridled avarice?” Although I was really attempted to use the line, “FRA-GEE-LAY… it must be Italian!” something said in our house every time a package arrives. Here’s the arrival of The Lamp…

5. “After all… tomorrow is another day.”
Ariail guessed correctly, it’s the last line of Gone With the Wind. The last 2 1/2 minutes of the movie are here:

6. “All I do is dream of you the whole night through; with the dawn I still go on, dreaming of you. You’re every thought, you’re everything, you’re every song I ever sing; summer, winter, autumn and spring. And were there more than twenty four hours a day; they’d be spent in sweet content dreaming away; when skies are grey, when skies are blue; morning, noon and night time too; all I do the whole day through is dream of you.”
This song is done twice in the movie. Once by Debbie Reynolds and the Coconut Grove Girls and then again dreamily by Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. I couldn’t find the Kelly version of it from the movie, so here is another of my favorite scenes:

7. “Remember, George, no man is a failure who has friends.”
The angel, Clarence, in It’s a Wonderful Life. LibraryGhost got it. The end of the movie is here. Just try and watch it and not get a little teary.

8. “I’ll never let anybody put me in a cage!” (Another hint: “Holly, you’re drunk.“)
I used to fancy that I was named after Holly Golightly (one could say ‘we’re both poor slobs’), although Tiffany’s really isn’t my ideal place. Melanie & Charlotte guessed Breakfast at Tiffany’s correctly!

9. “Nasty smelly things, motorcars!
Eli, you rock! Grandpa says this to his son Caractacus Potts and his grandchildren, Jeremy & Jemima, as they drive away for the very first time in their newly repaired motorcar, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. You can see the theme song here. But for the link below, I’m posting Hushabye Mountain, which is one of the songs I sing to the kids before bed each night.

10. “Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.”
The letter left for Mr. Vernon by The Breakfast Club. Guessed by Shrimpfriedrice. I really wanted to leave a different line, (“That man is a brownie hound” along with something from Ally Sheedy… “I’m not a nymphomaniac, I’m a complusive liar” are the lines that stand out in my head from the movie) but thought it would be too hard to guess. Here’s the trailer:

11. “I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you’re looking at me like I’m nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it’s not because I’m lonely, and it’s not because it’s New Year’s Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
Maybe the most romantic moment in any movie. Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. Guessed by LibraryGhost. Here it is:

12. “Lightning. Fire. The power of God or something.
Eli again — Raiders of the Lost Ark! I have this movie on the brain right now, as the 4th is due out and Marian is back… perhaps with Indy’s child? I like the trailer because it has another great line, “I dunno… I’m making this up as I go along.” The most quoted lines from this movie in our family are from the character Sallah “I am missing you already,” and “water? you want water? I will bring you some” which my Dad likes to say in a big John Rhys-Davies booming voice. Here’s the trailer:

13. “But they showed no corrections of any kind. Not one. He had simply written down music already finished in his head. Page after page of it as if he were just taking dictation. And music, finished as no music is ever finished. Displace one note and there would be diminishment. Displace one phrase and the structure would fall.
LibraryGhost got this one, too. Spoken by Salieri, the fantastic fan and villain in Amadeus, the movie based on the Peter Shaffer play (Salieri is one the best written roles for men, in my opinion). Here’s the scene:

14. “The defendant is not guilty – but somebody in this courtroom is. Now, gentlemen, in this country, our courts are the great levelers. In our courts, all men are created equal. I’m no idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and of our jury system – that’s no ideal to me. That is a living, working reality! Now I am confident that you gentlemen will review, without passion, the evidence that you have heard, come to a decision and restore this man to his family. In the name of GOD, do your duty.”
The words of Atticus Fitch as played by Gregory Peck in the film adaptation of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Yeah, Melanie! Also the story and movie which inspired the name for my cat (Scout). Although the courtroom scene where everyone stands is the most powerful moment (in my eyes), here is Atticus in his closing statements:

15. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
JAWS 1975. (Thanks, shrimpfriedrice!) The line is a little over 2 minutes into this original movie trailer: