Ears and Tears

10 days ago, I took Kate to the doctor to get her 22-month wellness and weight check (23.2 pounds). She had fluid in her ear. Doc asked her to come back in 10 days.

Result: original ear cleared up fine. OTHER ear is infected. Doctor suggests antibiotic, strongly suggests it, since I am a let-it-go-on-it’s-own type of parent when it comes to ear infections. I relent, she is certain it’s AOM, and she makes me feel that it may be involved in such a way that clearing up the infection a bit faster may be important. I like the thoroughness of this doctor and she’s been very okay with my (clinically founded and AAP/AAFP recommended) desire to use caution with the use (or, in this case, overuse) of antibiotic for ear infection treatment. So we filled the script.

Thankfully, Kate was happy to take the medicine. It just took her awhile, because she preferred to sip from the syringe between: 1. twirling in circles until she fell over; 2. bending over to walk on all-fours; 3. squealing and shaking her head maniacally; and 4: running the length of the kitchen shouting “MYBABY MYBABY MYBABY” between giggles.

Maybe my experience of seeing really sick people desperate for any medicine and dying for want of an antibiotic has jaded me. Maybe now I am a poor judge of wellness. But seriously, is this a child who currently needs medicine because of illness?