Easter Morning

Before work on the siding commenced Sunday morning, we actually DID do a bit of Easter Stuff. I dug myself in a big, deep hole by trying to explain Easter to Will. Luckily, Granna bought a cake so it was easy to distract him. (Note to self: before next year, work out how you are going to explain all religiously-oriented holidays in a neutral manner. Also, determine how, exactly, you will explain why we celebrate Christian holidays, but are not practicing Christians.)
My parents came… and brought back the singing Easter Bunny. We heard the Hallmark version of “Easter Goodies” (think Rockin’ Robin — with the tweeting chick who pops out of the egg) ALL DAY LONG, thanks to Kate’s obsession with it.
The egg-hunt commenced quickly after the kids woke up (so, around 6am). We kept the hunt to the inside, unlike years past, when we could hide eggs outside in the front yard in the middle of the afternoon and announce that we JUST NOTICED that there were EGGS outside!! This is because Will now understands that when someone bringing gifts comes at night, the bounty is to be found at First Light. Which means that parents have no time to get dressed, because OH MY GOODNESS, DID THE EASTER BUNNY COME?! So, we kept the eggs inside to prevent us from having to jump around the yard at 6am in our skivvies. We restrict that behavior to Friday nights, only.Kate loved pulling apart eggs. Finger puppets, Sesame Street figures, stickers, and tattoos were in most. There were some eggs with candy. Kate wanted to try EVERYTHING… and then would spit it out. I cannot understand how I gave birth to a child that does not like chocolate.
What she DOES love, however, ARE SHOES. Especially boots. Here she is, modeling the pair Nana sent. This is before she ripped the liners out and hid them in our tupperware drawer.
Notice all that bounty on the floor? Thanks, Easter Bunny!