Schools, take two.

Some reflections on a recent conversation with a Very Trusted Professor, Mother, and Parent (with experience in private, charter, and public schools in NOLA):

“If I could afford it, I’d put all of my children in private school. It’s not the academics (although I do think they are just a little better in private, they are really comparable with the best public charters) — it is the personal attention. In public schools, your child is a number. If there is a problem, you hear about it on the report card. Not before. There is no specialized attention, nurturing, or shaping the learning towards your child’s needs and interests.”

This really made Paul and I stop and think. Because even though we went to some of the country’s very best public schools, we agreed that we were numbers within them. Private schools offer half of the class size as public schools. She had a real point that is turning us on our heads. We are back into not having any idea what to do with our children. Are we looking at a life of sacrifice to pay for the best schools we can afford? Is this what we should do?