Brass Knockers

I’ve got to hand it to those Audubon Place folks. They have got some serious audacity. It was one thing to private-jet-and-helicopter elite Israeli mercenaries to guard their estates while fellow citizen drown after the storm. It was a crazy time, right? Who can really think clearly in a disaster?

But this class-action lawsuit regarding the increase in tax assessments? Where the original plaintiffs are two regular folks masking the interests of these private-drive, jet-flying, guarded aristocrats? In a law suit concocted by an inside friend, with connections all through the Louisiana political system and previous tax assessor dynasty? Wow. And I thought I was bold. Especially since one of the neighbor’s hasn’t gotten the message that the homes on the street are really only worth the $1.1-2.1 million claimed in the previous assessments.

As a 6th District resident and homeowner, I’d like to put it on the record that this “class-action” lawsuit in no way represents me. Class action… as if!

However confusing some of the names and connections are to get straight, the article is a very interesting read into the ever-more-exposed underbelly of Louisiana money and privilege.

My favorite part is how Nancy Marshall is so tactfully dealing with the ridiculous suit:

Smith noted that Marshall more or less conceded her methodology was different than that of other assessors in a letter she wrote to him after he filed the suit.

“I did try to get the other assessors to use MLS date, as well as data from the UNO Appraisal Board, to provide adequate information about square footage and other pertinent information,” Marshall’s letter states in part. “However, my fellow assessors were not interested.”

The letter, dated Aug. 17, concludes: “I look forward to defending this lawsuit and taking the depositions of your named plaintiffs and all others involved in bringing this suit.”

Ha. I’d love to see those depositions. Question 1: How much is your home insured for? If things really are turning around in this city, this is a case that won’t last long.