Painting Crackers

A few days before Will was born, I finished a painting that now hangs in the kids’ room above Kate’s crib.
I was really into making “birth art” during my first pregnancy and this painting was suppose to be a series of two pieces — the second one never got started because Will came early — inspired a bit by Pieta-ish motherly love and based on the work of the whimsical artist, Nancy Thomas. (Whom I never should have googled to find a weblink. Oye! Those plaques! So great!)
This piece is still my most favorite painting. When I look at it, I think of how I felt painting it… I remember my picturing myself holding my little baby and felt great anticipation for how that moment would feel. In short, it is a very sentimental and important thing to me.

So you can imagine how I felt when Will told me that Kate calls the painting “MaMa.” Sure enough, she toddles back, points up her little finger and says “MaMa” right to the painting.

It is important that she induces these moments of unbelievable, unimaginable heart-swelling joy. Particularly because there are other moments, like when Mommy has to do something important. Like blink. And this happens:
Do you see the mini-rice cakes — each with one bite out of them — spread all over the floor? The water can? It’s out there as a crushing device. And to push crackers under the ice maker.Sticky rice cakes on her butt. Crazy Kate.