Nightline, Helen, Paul, and Abeona

We uploaded the Nightline segment on the violence surge in New Orleans that discusses Helen’s murder to youtube. In short, the piece cuts down to heartstrings and buzz points. Emmy (Abeona’s amazing director) provides a wonderful interview, even if the clip edits out much of her thoughtful and poignant commentary. Our kids are featured (Will included, although mostly hidden at the lunch table). Several of my photographs (4, I think) are featured, although uncredited. Kate and I are in a group photo from the March (taken by Paul, uncredited). While the clip is respectful, it falls short on content. The grinding poverty exposed and exacerbated by Katrina and its relationship to violence are not discussed. The spot was between an Oscar story related to the best picture snub for Dreamgirls and physical signs of rudeness in France. Make what you will of that.

I also found these march/rally videos. This one features Dora (friend, Abeona parent, and ShoeNami shopkeeper) in the very beginning.

Helen’s husband, Paul, wrote a moving piece in the Times-Picayune. It came at at wonderful time. I’ve been seething about Riley’s assertion of Paul’s withholding information for days; too frustrated and angry to speak or write a thing about it. What can I say? Warren Riley is a horrible, ineffective leader. He lies, points fingers, distorts truth and by doing so, provides one more reason why New Orleans and her people struggle. He is an embarrassment. How dare he.

Our photos from the March/Rally may be viewed here.