Tuppence a bag

Yesterday morning, Will, Kate and I headed to Audubon Park to feed the birds. We were fresh out of tuppence, so we brought a bag of bread heals to surrender to the flock. We were barely two steps away from the path when a group of white ducks and a sorry-sounding black and red goose came charging — and I mean charging — our way. Will was overpowered by them at first. Then he got cool and started to take control of the situation. Pretty soon, he was telling them, “be nice,” “take your turn,” and “wait a minute!”
When finished, he ran around the park with them. I was surprised at how little this phased them. Will also periodically stopped and commanded them to “go see Mommy!” (Note picture below.)
In addition to the ducks and goose, Will fed (and chased) squirrels, turtles, and birds. It was a very beautiful — if not incredibly humid — morning in the park. I was disappointed (but not surprised) that Will wasn’t able to walk far along mediation path. It may be time for a double stroller if I want to really get out walking! Posted by Picasa