Kate: 11 weeks

After bathing Kate this morning, I couldn’t resist giving her an Elvis hairdo. It was so darn cute the camera had to come out. I opened up the shutters to bring in more morning light and increased the ISO to 200 (I actually thought I was increasing it to 500, but I must not have saved the settings properly — ugh.) We started on one of her blankets (bottom picture) where she squirmed like crazy. Since she has been trying so hard to sit up, I thought maybe I could try the Bumbo seat for awhile. First I just put it down in the middle of the floor — but the pictures were awful, needed more backlight. Then, I hung a sheet from the entertainment center doors and down to the floor. That is how I got these pictures. More directed light would have made a difference; I’ll play more with that in the future. But this is what I got! As always, suggestions are appreciated as I try to learn some photography basics!