A Goal

Now that I am officially “taking off” from the world of the academy (or at least letting my mind wander a bit from it), I have come up with a pre-Kate arrival goal:

To catch up on the documentation of Will’s life thus far.

To accomplish this goal, I must:
– Finish Will’s scrapbook to cover his first year of life. (It currently covers 1 month.)
– Compile a photo album for the rest of the events in his life to the present.
– Organize and date the digital archives of his photos and videos and burn them on to CD.

(Fingers are crossed that I actually complete any of the above before going into labor. Fingers are crossed that I actually complete any of the above before the end of the summer.) I started today by completing the grueling task of taking the *many* assorted photos I have of him, looking them up through the blog archives and ofoto folders to determine when they were taken, and write a date on the backs. Since I print and then give away all the “good” ones, I made an ofoto order to fill in some gaps.

When Paul is here and “relaxing” from the rigor of the housework he’s now doing, I hope to get him to master the video we have of Will. We don’t have much, the tapes are only hapharzardly dated and some cover months, and I have lost sleep wondering if we’re taping over older moments and/or not taping enough. It would be a real treat to have everything in order — how organized and cool would that be!?