Will’s Standards

In the past few weeks, Will has gone from stringing words together to speaking in fairly complete sentences. Accordingly, Paul and I have wasted no time in teaching him some finer, musically and culturally inspired phrases to add to his ever-growing collection of gems. (Gems would include things like “Mommy making poo-poo?” and “Daddy make stinky toot.”)

Here is an incomplete list of some of our favorites:

– Boom shaka-laka!
– You da man! (Answer him, “No, you da man!” and be prepared for many, many repetitions.)
– Get back, Jo Jo! (Think of the Beatles.)
– Get down and boogie!
– Kathmandu! (Okay, this isn’t really a sentence. I just love that he throws around the capital of Nepal in conversation.)

… and our favorite:
– Domo arigato Mr. Roboto