Paul, the builder!*

In case you’ve missed it, Paul has been giving an incredible play-by-play on his impressive gains in the home-fixin’ department. Considering we’ve lived almost two years with paper taped to the windows and doors, cracks between baseboards and floorboards that reach over a 1/2 inch, and horrible dirty beige oil paint on every darn surface… his work signifies a serious change in our lives. (Note that we’ve been working our doompkas off doing other things, like building a kitchen, a bathroom, and re-wiring the entire house so that it doesn’t spontaneously errupt in flame.)

I’m certainly sorry that I am not there to help. This is just the sort of thing we would work through together in our pre-kid world. Go Paul — please send him encouragement!

*I am both envious (and maybe a little sad?) for anyone who can read this title without breaking out in song. “Yes, we can!”