Baby Wish List!

Friends Andrea and Leigh Ann are hosting a baby shower for Kate and I! So I’ve gotten official and made a small registry with Babies-R-Us (#95872878) and have a list of things linked below for those who are looking for gift ideas. I am so excited, touched, and grateful!

Some information:
– My “official” due date is May 7th (although we say it’s May 5th — Paul’s birthday)
It’s a girl! We’re naming her Katherine and will call her “Kate”
– Will and Kate are sharing a room
– My Mom has gifted us a crib (Will’s crib grew with him into a bed)
– Mom also gifted us a crib bumper and quilt in the Pottery Barn “Happy Daisy” pattern, which has light blues, greens, pinks, and yellows and is garden themed



– 2 crib sheets in white or light pink
– Crib dust ruffle in green gingham to match the “Happy Daisy” pattern
– Attractive storage bins for the shelving Paul is building(!)
– Hanging diapering supplies storage
Protect-a-bed waterproof mattress cover

– Car seat protector/undermat
Tandem stroller
Stepping stool
Body support for stroller and car seat
– Kids table and chair set

Ear thermometer
Medela breast pads
Lansinoh breast/nursing lotion
Milk storage bags
– Baby washcloths are always welcome… we use those like crazy

– A set of thick cloth diapers (Chinese pre-fold/”service quality”)
– Disposable Diapers
– Wipes
Butt paste

Because almost all of Will’s clothes were bought after he was born, we pretty much only have baby clothes in blue! Anything “girl colored” is welcome! We’d like to stock her drawers with:
– 3 Layettes (“sacks”) in 0-3 month size
– 3 Rompers in 0-3 month size
– Onesies in 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes
– Summer rompers in 3-6 month sizes
– Summer outfits in 3-6 month sizes
– One pair of Robeez in 6 months size
– Socks in 0-6 months size
– 3 light blankets