Mid City Art Market

After a great french-toast-and-eggs breakfast, Paul, Will and I headed out to City Park to the Mid City Art Market.
It could not have been a more perfectly beautiful day… clear skies, wonderful temps, light breeze, flowers everywhere. City Park, which was flooded in the post-Katrina 17th Street Levee breech, is beautiful. Volunteer clean-up crews and local non-profits have been instrumental in putting several of the park’s amentities back up and running, including the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens, and Storyland. The market was held in the Botanical Gardens, which were just re-opened on March 4th. The gardens lost virtually all of their collections; it is amazing how wonderful it looks considering the devistation. We browsed the Market, met Heather Elizabeth of Heather Elizabeth Designs (and her sister, Holly!) — where Paul bought a bracelet and earrings to “surprise” me with as a Birthday gift… not my birthday, but Kate’s! We also splurged on a fleur de lis stained glass piece to hang in a kitchen window, something we’ve been talking about getting for a long while. After strolling the artists booths, we ran into our friend Leigh Ann, who joined us for a walk through the plant sale and for a Juan’s Flying Burrito lunch. The end of our morning was spent in Storyland, which is a park full of child-sized scenes from classic children’s tales. Among other adventures, Will climbed aboard Captain Hook’s boat, visited Ole King Cole’s castle, sat in Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage, and went into the dark recesses of the belly of Monstro, the blue whale. He had a *blast*. I took a ton of pictures… so many that it seemed appropriate to put up a photostream in the old Flickr account. Feel free to browse!