"We have a problem."

And with those words I prepared my husband for terrible news.

We are out of diapers. Completely, one-hundred percent, totally. Out. Of. Diapers.

In just about any other place in the U.S., this would not be too much a problem. Someone just hops in the car and drives to an open grocery, 7-11, whatever. But that is not a possibility in the city of New Orleans, where Winn Dixie is only open from 9-5 and enjoys the status of “only game in town.” Neighbors with toddlers? We tried; they’re out for the night. And so here we are.

Luckily, we had some swimming diapers from the trip to Duck. This really was a lucky turn of events, since we normally keep all swimmers at my Mom’s house. So, Will is fast asleep for the night in his firetruck PJs and a Lil’ Swimmer. A good save, but they are made to contain, not to absorb. Good heavens, please let us have a dry night.

We double-lucked out when I remembered my emergency diaper stashed in the car. This is extra-good news since we now don’t have to endure the embarrassment of having to take Will to school in a swimmer and beg them for a diaper. (He’ll be in school before the store opens.) Phew.