Our house! I cleaned up the front bed last weekend, moving around the plants that were still alive and doing what I could to save others. Then planted new flowers around the old(er) ones. Alex mulched it for me and then helped Paul to do one of my dream wish-list items… they took out the mangled bushes from the front! (These unsightly bushes were uneven and patchy, they pulled them out and evened out the brick work in the front!) I still can’t believe that they did it… it was *not* on Paul’s radar and it was definitely a nice surprise made on my behalf. Yesterday, George (Paul’s Dad) and I put new boston ferns in the hanging baskets. The old ones did not fare the storm well and had to be replaced. Unfortunately, these aren’t the nice and full nursery variety, but the $6 Lowe’s variety! They aren’t quite as striking as our previous bunch but should grow in well. I also added some dianthus and mums to the porch steps and side urn. Viola! A cleaned up post-Katrina front yard. (Just don’t ask us about the back… yikes!)  Posted by Picasa