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  1. Portrait of Ardis
    Kate’s first caregiver, Ms. Gladys, (blog mentions of her are here) retired last week.  I used to hang out with Gladys when Kate was a baby. Usually it was to nurse (since Kate was adverse to the bottle and I am adverse to the pump) but sometimes when I’d go in for that afternoon feeding, […]
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  2. A Mother. A Mission.
    A typical daily diet for Kate looks like this: All the water and sugar-free crystal light she can drink…, plusB-fast: Peaches & Cream Oatmeal with Whole Milk; big handful of grapes; handful of Kix cerealSnack: Full banana, Graham Cracker Sticks, Cheese CubesLunch: Gerber Veggie Beef Dinner; Gerber Cubed CarrotsSnack: Gerber Apples and Cherries; Goldfish CrackersSnack: […]
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  3. Twinkle Twinkle
    It didn’t take long at all (I’m knocking on wood as I write this) for Kate to start falling asleep in her crib. It’s the same schedule we’ve had for awhile, it just ends with her going into her crib after stories and songs. She does still fuss a bit — the complicating factor is […]
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  4. To Our Sweet BabyCakes, who is ONE YEAR OLD
    This first photograph is currently my favorite picture of you, my daughter who is now One Year Old. It is not because is captures a particularly memorable moment, but because (and if you have seen pictures of me at this age you will gasp in agreement) you are undeniably, without question, The Spitting Image Of […]
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  5. Movin’ on up… to the toddler side
    Kate had her first day amongst the big(ger) kids yesterday. Her beloved babyroom teacher, Ms. Gladys, packed up her things and moved them next door, to Ms. Gwen’s “House of Twos.” (Actually, the kids are all age 1. But it’s her “House of Twos” based on a joke Paul made and the subsequent drawing I […]
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  6. K-K-K-Kate!
    Kate’s daily reports have been interesting reading over the past week. They say things like:— Kate was VERY BUSY this morning. She and Stella played peek-a-boo under the cribs and woke up the other babies.— Kate walked all over the school this morning. She is very frustrated that she cannot open the baby gate, YET.— […]
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  7. Kate is 10 months old…
    …and a maniac. Or, as said by her teacher, Ms. Gladys, “Kate is different.” I’d be concerned if she didn’t say the same thing about Kate’s best bud, Stella. Stella is 5 days older the Kate and equal in her rough-and-tough, into-everything, early-mover style. They play peek-a-boo at school, stopping to glare at anyone who […]
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  8. Kate: 8 months
    Kate was less than 24 hours into her 8th month when her teacher, Miss Gladys, greeted me with this expression when I went to pick her up: “Miss Holly! Let me TELL you about YOUR DAUGHTER.” This is generally a conversation that does not introduce a discussion of a child’s glowing behavior.As I understand it, […]
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  9. Update: Kate in School
    Kate goes to Abeona on Mondays and Wednesdays during the same hours as Will (7:30-11:45). Like her brother, her teachers collect information about her activites, mood, and general well-being to give to us on a daily basis. Usually, Kate’s mood is curious, babbly, and cuddly. She was a little fussy one day and she was […]
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