The Dead Sea Highway to Karak


The scenery along the Dead Sea Highway is spectacular, and as you climb into the mountains from the lowest place on earth, the valleys, gorges, and climbing hillsides add to the drama and mystery of the region.  Here are photos and video from our drive from The Dead Sea to Karak, passing Wadi Mujib and driving down to the farmland at Mazra’a, and then turning up to go through the mountains at Wadi Bin Hammad.  We did this drive on Christmas Eve.



The valley here is a major potash industry site.



(That’s the kids with our rental car!)




You can see the farms and fertile grounds, as well as parts of the Dead Sea, below.



Balanced the camera on a rock to get a family photo…



Wadi Bin Hammad.  The bottom of the valley is WAAAAY below what the camera can see here!



This is back on the Dead Sea highway, going north.  This is the bridge that crosses Wadi Mujib.



Here is video of us traveling along the Dead Sea Highway, approaching and then crossing the bridge in the photo above.  This is the valley (Wadi Mujib) where the canyon walls come strikingly close and one can hike through the torrent of water through the valley (a few more pictures of the valley entry point after the video).  In the video, please forgive my idiot pronunciation of “crevice.”


If, for whatever reason, you can’t see the video embedded, see it here.



Wadi Mujib.