My socks are lost for good.

I knew he wasn’t kidding when his voice cracked and his eyes looked glassy.  “No, actually, I have an anniversary present for you.”

Complete silence.

I looked directly in his eye without a hint of joking.  “Really?  You did.  You’re not kidding.”

“It’s not wrapped yet.  So, how about I give it to you now, so I don’t have to wrap it.”

Big sigh.  That sounds more like it.

Wanna see it?

WOW.  With special thanks to Derby Pottery and Tile for working with Paul on this one-of-a-kind, signature piece!  It is BEAUTIFUL.

(Note the inscription around the water meter cover?)

…And you Best of the Best Just Posts folks?  You’ve got Derby Pottery love coming your way… packages went out yesterday!  A preview…