Searching for Inspiration: The 2009 Post Round-Up

Like last year, I am doing a post round-up by listing the first sentences from the first post from each month in 2009.

Looking back on that post, I see that I made a few blog-related resolutions.  Things I would do, or finish, or whatever.  Predictably, I did none of them.  Resolutions are not my strong-suit.

But wait!  I may be redeemed… were any of my first sentences improvements on those from last year??

January: “You will not believe what I am about to tell you.”

February: “Remember the back of our house?”

March: “We’d been discussing it for years, when would be the best time?”

April: ““Stand by Me” performed by musicians around the world

May: “I took these last fall in Boston — my continued obsession with shutter speed.”

June: “Did that belly dancing class make us uppity?”

July: “Surprise!”

August: “The last two days have been a bit of a daze, punctuated by periodic conversations that go something like this, “where the heck are we?””

September: “I wrote each name and order of comment on a little slip of paper, folded them up, and stuck them in bowls — one for new friends and one for the old friends.”

October: “On the can.”

November: “Will had his second ear surgery on Friday.”

December: “Try as I may, I just can’t get the job of independently wealthy woman of leisure.”

Maybe half-credit?  Good enough.

Have you ever made a resolution and saw it to the end?

And, do you have favorite things you read on a blog this year?  Looking for inspiration to bring in the New Year!