Photohunt: Walking

I took these last fall in Boston — my continued obsession with shutter speed.  It wasn’t a busy afternoon, so there weren’t a lot of people walking by to get a group (which was my hope).  The ducks in the back are in honor of the book “Make Way for Ducklings,” by beloved New England children’s author and illustrator, Robert McCloskey.

It was one of my favorite books growing up (I still call all pairs of Mallards Mr. and Mrs. Mallard) — but my absolute favorite McCloskey book is “One Morning in Maine.”  It was one of the only books I had where a young girl is the protagonist.  She goes hunting for clams, loses a tooth, and takes a boat trip to town with her little sister and father.  As a child, I adored it — the pencil drawings, the characters, the story — part of my life-long obsession with seaside life.

When I started dating Paul, I was surprised to find a copy of it on his bookshelf and opened it to find that it had been autographed by Robert McCloskey.  Signed just to Paul.  An early sign our fantastic match.


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