Paddle Boat Recovery

On the afternoon of Day Two of Paul’s surgery recovery, we visited City Park.

boat 2

The kids saw the paddle boats.  Paul said it was okay.  That he was okay.  So we rented a paddle boat and rode it around City Park for a half hour.

boat 3

For the record, this is not a very good thing to do a few days after surgery.

boat 5

Nonetheless, we paddled around the museum, the sculpture garden, the ducks, the pelicans in the trees.  Will paddled for a little while, too.  (I don’t suggest this to folks who want to be able to walk when you get off of the boats.)

boat 4

The ducks were not afraid of the boats and swam right up looking for food, just in case.

boat 6

We had to go under several low bridges, which Kate loved.

boat 8

For the record, Kate is really cute.

boat 1