No animals were harmed in the photographing of these children.

A few weekends ago, I took the kids to the Zoo while Paul worked.  We went to the petting Zoo area, which is something we rarely do.  Mostly because I’m afraid of what Kate might do to the animals.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.  I’m just freaked about germs and the threat of her putting her hands in her mouth after picking up poo.

Luckily, though, both kids remained very sanitary.  And both kids were incredibly gentle with all the animals.  Neither tried to ride them, hug them a-la Elmira, or put hair bows in their fur.  If Scout realized that a whole herd of animals got away with no-such insult to their general character or appearance, I feel confident he would march directly to their beds and hork up hairballs on the pillows.

Both kids tried to feed the goat hay.  The goats complied.

This was the first time I got to ride the carousel with BOTH kids.  Will is JUST tall enough (with his hair uncombed, he can pass for 48″… or maybe it’s 42″? whatever the cut-off point is for riding alone).  I was nervous that Kate would freak out at the moving animals, or she would randomly decide she was done riding half-way through.  She actually sat nicely through the whole thing!  I won’t say she sat STILL (she is Kate, after all) but she loved it.  Kate rode a Jaguar (I think).  Will rode a Rhino.  If you ask Kate, though, she’ll tell you she road the Hippo.