Tubby Time

Guess what is installed?  And usable?  And properly functioning?  AND involves plumbing??

There were some issues with having to chisel out tiles, re-drill holes for the tub faucet, and re-plumb parts of the faucet water supply.  We had some help with grinding down the sharp edges of the tiles on the tub deck (a surprise for Paul while he was in New Hampshire).  And then there was Paul realizing he forgot to install a trap when we were pondering over why the echo of the water was so loud when we ran the Master Bathroom sink faucet.  BUT NOW… we have a tub!  An AIR TUB!  Ever heard of an air tub?  This is how it works: the backrest heats up (you set the temperature) as hot air (again, you set the temp) shoots out from the bottom sides of the tub and up channels behind your back and neck.  It’s the best bath experience you can have, by yourself, in my opinion.

Thanks, Hal, for helping us with this great tub!