The newest member of our family.  The Imac.  It’s a big exciting day!  Almost making me forget about the interviews I’m suppose to be doing had my three months of work not suddenly evaporated.  (Really, I’ll get over it and back on the bandwagon by Monday.  I just need a little bit of time.)
Here is Paul, with our newborn, fresh out of it’s shipped-from-Shanghai box.  Paul is looking for the power button:

The monitor is massive, the keyboard and mouse are all trendy and slick, and I keep using words like “sexy” to describe the whole experience.  Then Paul noticed boingboing had a post on objectum-sexuals and now I’m officially not using that word anymore in reference to my computer.  As long as it doesn’t cry out in the middle of the night, stick it’s toes up my nose during cuddle time, or whine about wanting hamburgers for dinner, this big hulk of a thing could quickly become the household favorite.  (Sorry, kids.)