Hardie Day

We didn’t participate in any of the many, many, many Easter events all over the city this past weekend. (The kids had their Rainbow Chicken Egg Hunt on the levee on Thursday and saw the Easter Bunny at two grocery stores during the weekend, I figure that counts?) Mostly, because I didn’t want to shlep the kids (a technical term) by myself and felt worn out by the week. Despite a minor set-back in the form of a foot-infection on Paul’s big toe (treated by an on-the-spot-foot-soaking, pedicure, and triple antibiotic cream — future note: Paul is getting regular pedicures from this point on, especially during renovation projects) Paul and my Dad worked on siding the house with Hardieplank. It looks really good:
We haven’t finalized any house color yet. The boards don’t need to be painted for about a year, so we have some time to figure it out. The trim is painted (Paul did that Friday and Saturday before my Dad arrived) — it’s Benjamin Moore Bright White Exterior paint. It’d be nice to keep the trim that color. We’re currently thinking light blue gray exterior with dark dark dark blue shutters and white trim. But the options are endless!
On the back wall, all but the very top board was finished as of yesterday evening. They started the first runs along the sides to make it easier for when Paul is working solo. For solo work, Paul sung the praises of those little leveling meters. He sounds just like an infomercial!