By Popular Demand: floor removal and joists

The old laundry area, as seen from the kids’ bedroom (that’s the door in their room on the left) — as it was last weekend. The window is the current “Beetlejuice” window now hanging without a wall around it.
No floor left… just the old 25-foot cypress floor joists. Paul cut them out and is saving them. We’re hoping to expose part of our outbuilding and use these in an exposed ceiling. They are really phenomenal.
The corner of the house before renovations started. Remember when Paul had to jack up the corner of the house? You can see the sill he put in and the block on the left where he raised the house. This also shows how the walls are not sitting on anything. At this point, you could shake them and get significant horizontal movement… sort of alarming.
Floors and walls are gone. This is where we were as of the end of last weekend.

Paul starts to put in the new floor joists.

He’s got all the floor joists done now and several of the floor boards in. With everything going on, we haven’t taken pictures of it yet.