As of 12/26…

This was the back as of 12/26. Paul worked on blocking and other assorted small tasks (with Will’s supervision).
We’ll have a cool over-hang. The day I took the kids to Mobile (i.e.: freed Paul to work ’round the clock), he finished evening them out. He also finished blocking the ceiling joists. But the big project he did while we were away was to take down the rotten boards off the back of the peak of the roof (see them?) Once the boards were gone, he re-framed out the peak, put Tyvek up for protection, and installed a new attic vent. (Actually, our existing vent was permanently shut, so this is a major improvement.) When he gets around to blogging about this, he may have some interesting tidbits about the state of the roof and vent. The plan was for him to continue to work on the roof over the existing structure (the current, nonfunctional back bathrooms/laundry) by removing the roof and starting to lay the foundation for an actual roof. More on that later, because roofing and the many confusions over it are seriously big topics. In fact, if we had to point to one logistical issue that stalled the start of this project more than any other, it would be issues with the roof.
This is the structure and how it will basically look… just needs a little imagination to fill in the pieces!