Superman flies… and lands, 15 minutes before bedtime.

The Stats:
– 1 call to babysitter (our hermanita, Michelle) since Kate was asleep.
– 1 quick visit to Med School neighbor for a professional opinion.
– Just under 4 hours at Children’s Hospital.
– Zero stitches, one big tube of glue.
– 15 minutes of holding and maneuvering (fatty tissue was problematic).
– 2 minutes on the exam table before he fell asleep during the wound cleaning.
– 1-2 day follow-up with PCP.
– 1 bet that after 1 year, the scar won’t be visible.
– 2 very tired parents.
– 8:30am. Time we’re suppose to be on the 9th floor of Oschner for Paul’s post-op visit tomorrow.